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Building Resilient Attitudes through Virtual Engagement (BRAVE) 

The Building Resilient Attitudes through Virtual Engagements (BRAVE) is a funded community-based participatory study by the University of Washington exploring a peer-supported, interactive webinar series for Black and Asian Americans struggling with emotional distress due to the increase of racial/ethnic discrimination since the COVID-19 pandemic.

We successfully recruited and completed our study in January 2021.


 Thank you to all that participated in the BRAVE study! We'll be spending the next month analyzing the data, and planning our BRAVE reunion. For those that were not chosen to participate, we'll be sharing the results of the study to our Influential Point community soon!


The O-Word Petition

Why does it matter? 

We demand that "oriental" be removed from all East Asian Medicine institutional names, acronyms, diplomas, titles, and licensing and accrediting bodies, and strongly recommend privately-owned businesses do the same. "Oriental" is a term rooted in xenophobia and white supremacy. Learn more.

The Meeting Point

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