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We are a small, mighty team of Queer and BIPOC and ally researchers, clinicians, writers, and activists donating our time and energy to Influential Point because we are nourished by the work we do. We’ve accomplished a lot on our own, but the growth of Influential Point has been so rapid that we have outgrown our (truly) shoestring budget. 


We need your support to keep this work viable! If you’ve learned something from the content we post or found community from this space, please consider making a contribution. Take a look at the list below to see how your contributions will support us.


We're so grateful for any amount you can contribute. We want to continue providing this space for our community because we believe in radicalizing Integrative Medicine to be accessible for all — students, practitioners, patients and everyone!  Your contributions show our team that our community is behind us, which is just as important as a number. Please share even if you can’t donate right now.


And as always, thank you! 


The social media team creates daily educational content about health justice which we share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. It typically takes 1-2 hours to create 1 post. We conduct a thorough literature review of various resources to create an accessible post that is easy to digest for students, practitioners and community supporters. 

The Power of Words is our weekly Monday feature where we break down words like cultural (mis)appropriation, systemic racism and xenophobia. These are words we often hear but may not know the full meaning or significance behind them. 

Our mission with our social media content is to share creative, visually appealing, accessible, evidence-informed educational content for our community. 

Power of Words template.png

Community-Based Participatory Research 

The research team is a group of BIPOC researchers committed to community-engaged research, peer support and working on projects that contribute to supporting marginalized populations. 

Currently, we are analyzing our mixed-methods data from the BRAVE study. This study was funded by a grant we received from the University of Washington to conduct a CBPR project for Black and Asian Americans impacted by racial/ethnic discrimination since the COVID 19 pandemic. Read more, here. 

Our goal is to submit multiple papers including results, qualitative data analysis and CBPR methods paper for publication in a peer-review journal. Submission fees can range from $75-1500 to submit one paper for review. Your donation will fund our submission fees. We're also raising funds to conduct another CBPR study.


Donations will go towards financial compensation for study participants, labor for the research team, purchasing a qualitative data analysis program, and manuscript submission fees.


BRAVE Study .png

Creative Cultural Immersion 

Culture Club is our online gathering program where we learn about different cultures through books, food, music, design and other creative outlets. We also team up with small BIPOC, women, and Queer-owned businesses and encourage our attendees to purchase directly from them. 

We've been fortunate to have community members volunteer their time to host and facilitate these events. Our goal is to create funding to pay our BIPOC facilitators for their time and labor. 

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